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The can’s sustainability
All of our production is being done with 100% recyclable materials, the can is the best material as it can be recycled infinite times without losing any of its properties. 

It’s the most recycled drink container in the world.
Easy to be recycled by the consumers.
The can has a limitless recyclable life.
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Transport sustainability
The transport of our products saves up on space thanks to its cubic shape making it 30-50% cheaper than plastic or glass.
It helps to reduce CO2 emissions and saves up on distribution resources.
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Environment sustainability
All of our ingredients have been certified as organic. We work with local products, from national providers and whose traceability is certified by CEAM Asturias. Our processes are supervised with the objective of keeping the maximum quality and the greatest respect towards the environment.
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Our most valuable asset, it contains minerals, it contains life. It comes from a region which, thanks to its orography, greatly preserves a natural environment of high quality: Asturias. Our spring is a natural water fountain from the earth and amongst rocks. It’s a protected area and source of our natural inspiration.


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